May Group Buy

Arrived Safely!

So there's been a lot of rain at the nursery and even this week will be whole week of thunderstorms for them. I'am glad the inspector finally gave it a green light and they are all dry and arrived safely.

As a result the succbabies got their summer (greenish) shade early this year so those are red/yellow will need some Canadian sunshine to bring those colours back out. I will post a 'How To' if you're unfamiliar with colour stressing.

There were about 5 types of succulents that weren't included in the shipment so we will contact you directly and provide you with a refund. We definitely put it back in the next group buy for repurchase.

Next Steps:

  • For customer who chosen the pickup option, we will inform you via email to book an appointment to pick up your order.
  • For shipping, you should expect to receive the tracking number for you shipment.