Kids (Beginner)

Introduction to succulents: Types and basic care, Hands-on activity: Potting a simple succulent, Creating a simple arrangement with guidance.

Adults (Beginner)

Introduction to succulents: Types and basic care, Creating a basic succulent arrangement with an emphasis on design principles, Detailed care instructions, including watering schedules, sunlight requirements, and seasonal care.

Adults (Intermediate)

Review of basic care. Advanced potting techniques, including pot selection based on succulent type. Designing complex arrangements, introduction to color  and texture in arrangements. Advanced care techniques, including pest control and fertilization.
Adults (Advanced)
Discussion on rare and exotic succulents. Artistic potting and arrangement, considering growth patterns and visual appeal. Advanced arrangement techniques, creating themed or story-driven designs. In-depth discussion on soil mix customization, advanced watering techniques, and climate adaptation.
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