Greenovias producing blooms.

Just wanted to post some info and tips about Greenovias producing blooms. Greenovias are monocarpic plants. They are plants that die after they flower. The plant dies after it's done blooming which is why it is also called the bloom of death. This is why I love feedback. We all get to learn and I wanted to share this info as a couple of our succulent mommies (thank you for your pics 💕) geenovias started to bloom. Do not panic! They won’t all be dropping out on you. Out of the hundreds sold so far, there’s only 3 that are blooming. One type will live longer than another. There’s a lot of variables that will trigger a bloom.
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Cut off the bloom as soon as you see it.
2. Maintain as you normally do.
3. It will revert and just continue to grow as normal and/or produce pups. Some of the mother plants will die off leaving it’s young. The bloom is gorgeous and you can pollinate it for seeds.
4. Most importantly..... Send me a PM. These are rare plants from the Canary Islands and becoming endangered. I would like to study more about them as not too much is known.
Thank you

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