Starter Mix for your new babies!

For those that have been asking.... this is my starter mix. I also added a tiny bit of worm castings. The succulents will be repotted to normal succulent/cactus soil mixed with small clay pebbles when fully rooted.
This mix is already a bit damp to begin with so I just put it in my tray and all of the plants just sits on top. Branch types, I stick in the bottom section. The more advanced and complicated ones like Monroe’s and Laui all do very well and never get any root rot.
Just a hint. Watering does not necessarily make roots. The roots are made from the lower leaves at the beginning so do not water for at lease two to three weeks. They will not die. The thicker the leaves the less water it needs. My first watering of the Laui and Monroe’s are min. 1-2 months since the first day of planting. Branches sometimes take longer. Patience and holding back watering is very important. Bottom watering is the safest way to water any succulents and promotes healthy root growth downwards. Also, as noted with from our other members, fast drying soil is a must for longevity. Hope this helps.
My environment:
Toronto, Ontario
Winter Day Temp 18-21C
Winter Night Temp 10-16C

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